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Ethics of journalism at Pompeu Fabra University

The Researchers on Ethics, which feed this website are all members of the Journalism Research Group (GRP) which operates within the Communication Department of the UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). A relatively young public university (founded in 1990) it has an excellent record both as regards the quality of its teaching and research.

Research on media ethics

The GRP has four main research areas: the history of journalism with particular attention paid to the role of the media during the Spanish political transition from the Franco dictatorship to democracy; newsroom convergence and the implications of this unstoppable tendency as regards production routines and the quality of information; news documentation and dynamic databases; and finally, journalistic ethics, a field to which this research project obviously belongs.

  • La ética informativa vista por los ciudadanos

    La ética informativa vista por los ciudadanos

    The research exposes over fifteen articles in this book is based on interviews with about 100 journalists and other survey answered by 2,000 in the Basque Country, Andalusia, the community of Madrid and Catalonia. Also surveyed were 2,000 people, and about 150 who participated in different discussion groups on the core issues of information ethics. Both journalists and citizens explained how they understand the objectivity, the illicit means to obtain information, the treatment of socially disadvantaged groups, relations between the media and public authorities, the gifts they can receive the journalists not compromised its independence, bad taste and vulgarity, commercial easements in the profession, the boundaries between information and opinion, news dealing with terrorism, the images of bodies, the media harassment to celebrities and the attempts by the profession to regulate itself.

    Ed: UOC

  • The Ethical Values of Journalists

    The Ethical Values of Journalists

    Study prepared by the Pompeu Fabra University of journalists about ethical behavior in his role of Catalan artists news. What are the expectations of our country on journalists to respect ethics in their media? The dialectic is established between a professional attitude based on prioritizing the right information in front of other rights on the one hand, and some liberal voices who believe that the market and individual responsibility must establish the limits of information, on the other. Volume edited by Salvador Alsius, Dean of the Faculty of Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra articles Fabiola Alcala, Mōnica Figueras Maz, Marcel Mauri, Ruth Rodriguez, Francecs Salgado, Carlos Singla and Christopher Tulloch.

    Ed: Lexikon